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Apply to work as a Support Worker for Crown Supported Living. We offer flexible shift work with company benefits. Submit a submission of interest by clicking below and member of the recruitment team will be intouch.


There are many roles and responsibilities of a support worker, including:

  • Providing physical support which may include helping with household tasks and personal care.

  • Providing emotional support for an individual and their families.

  • Supporting and helping with health care needs, including routine checks or administrating medication.

  • Encouraging and supporting the development of personal skills through hobbies and interests.

  • Teaching life skills, such as shopping, using public transport and paying for bills.

  • Working with other healthcare professionals to ensure that all care needs meet the highest possible standards.

Making friends is often difficult for the people we support, and so a key responsibility of support work is promoting and planning meaningful days. This can be supporting people to enjoy their hobbies and interests, helping them to get involved in community groups, or encouraging them to learn a new skill like cooking or painting. For many people we support, communication is not easy. An important aspect of the job is understanding how the person communicates and how others can best communicate with them.

Being a support worker can be a very rewarding job. Even though the role can be hard and often challenging, making a positive difference to someone’s life and helping them become more independent brings feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. It’s a great career choice for those who enjoy a varied job role and lots of interaction with others.

Some of the best parts of the job are sharing new experiences together, creating new memories and celebrating successes. You’ll enable people to overcome their fears and challenges whilst helping them to build confidence and self-esteem.

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